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Registered Massage Therapy
and Certified Infant Massage Classes
in a relaxing, and professional environment.

For a healthier lifestyle!

Business Hours:
By appointment only

About the Company
    Soul Haven opened its doors in 2006, after owner Erica Lo, a registered massage therapist, felt there was a need to bridge the gap between a clinical office and a relaxing day spa setting. Located conveniently in Osborne Village, the city's most densely populated area.

    For a healthier lifestyle!

    All massage therapy treatments are therapeutic. An eclectic approach is used, combining both relaxation and deep tissue techniques to develop the best treatment plan for each individual.
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    Massaging your baby daily not only aids in the bonding process, it also nurtures your baby and promotes healthy growth and development!

    Certified through the foundation, the premier organization for infant and pediatric massage professionals world-wide

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